George Profitiliotis


PhD, MSc, MEng

Personal Profile

Dr George Profitiliotis is an electrical & computer engineer, further trained in interdisciplinary environmental studies, biomimetics, and strategic innovation management, and holds a PhD on the application of environmental economics to planetary protection policy between Earth and Mars. He has worked extensively in the fields of strategic foresight, futures literacy, and futures studies. During his first postdoctoral research, he studied the pertinence of anticipation to the search for extraterrestrial life from the viewpoints of ethics, social psychology, and science diplomacy, with a focus on the proactive management of a future discovery. George continues his work in astrobiology ethics and space ethics as a Research Scientist at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science and via his involvement with several international scientific groups that explore the ethical dimensions of space exploration. His second postdoctoral research focused on anticipating the ethical, legal, and societal aspects of quantum technologies via strategic foresight techniques.


Research Scientist @ Blue Marble Space Institute of Science
Postdoctoral Researcher @ TU Delft

Areas of expertise

  • Space ethics
  • Quantum ethics
  • Anticipatory ethics
  • Ethics of socially disruptive science & technology
  • Anticipatory governance
  • Strategic foresight
  • Space exploration
  • Astrobiology
  • Environmental science
  • Electrical and computer engineering