Helen Busby


PhD, MSc

Personal Profile

Helen regularly undertakes work such as:

  • Consultant to World Health Organization global health ethics unit (2016 - 2023).
  • Ethics advisor for EU funded RESTORE VISION research consortium (current).
  • Ethics advisor for Global Social Sciences Network for Infectious Threats and Antimicrobial Resistance, Institut Pasteur (2020 - 2022).


  • ‘Modes of influence: what can we learn from international codes of ethics for health-related research’. (2022).
  • Between 2005-2013, Helen held research posts at University of Nottingham and at the University of Leicester, both in the UK, where she was the Principal Investigator for projects about blood donation, blood banking, risk, safety and consent.


  • Helen has published in journals and books in the fields of social sciences, ethics and law.


Helen has been consulting and advising on ethical issues with leading international organisations since 2014, following a successful research career.

Areas of expertise

  • Research ethics in health studies including interventional trials.
  • Research ethics and qualitative methods (interviews, participant observation
  • Management of complex ethical issues
  • Projects involving fieldwork in multiple countries
  • Research ethics policy and practice
  • Pre-review and scoping of ethical issues
  • Sociology, social anthropology